My 12 Most Popular Instagram Photos

458 photos later, I guess you could say I like Instagram.

It's home to perfectly curated feeds, hashtags galore, and a rabbit hole of dreamy images that inspire me to do more, travel more, and live more. Take one look at mine and you'll be enveloped in light and airy images of landscapes, cotton candy sunsets, drinks, my dogs, and local adventures.

In a world where we're constantly scrolling and tapping, which photos make the cut and earn that like or comment? What are the select few that you pause for a moment longer on?

I decided to analyze my account using Iconosquare.

In addition to discovering who unfollowed you recently and what your engagement ratios are, you can also sort your images to get a closer look at your most popular 'grams.

So here are mine. My 12 most popular Instagram photos (as of November 2015). Scroll to the bottom to see what my #1 most popular photo was, along with a few final thoughts on this super visual platform.

#12: The Awesome Wall 

Likes: 49

Location: Little Italy | San Diego, California

IRL Backstory: My fiance and I were on our way to a weekend happy hour when I spotted this awesome, over-the-top colorful and gritty wall. Urban street art makes for a captivating background, and I think that's what helped secure its spot on this top 12 list.

Hashtag: #urbansandiego

#11: My Mom's Wedding 

Likes: 51

Location: Pine Mountain | New Hampshire

IRL Backstory: My Mom got re-married last summer and we were fortunate to have the most perfect view. They wanted the day to be casual and special, so I wore an American Apparel dress and a flower in my hair. We drank fancy champagne out of plastic flutes and soaked in this beautiful view that was all ours, as we were the only ones at the summit.

Hashtag: #summeradventures

#10: The Parking Lot Sunset 

Likes: 55

Location: Ocean Beach | San Diego, California

IRL Backstory: A good sunset photo never fails. I had just finished an ashtanga yoga class when I noticed the sun was starting to go down. Rather than continuing my walk to the car, I went the extra couple of blocks to snap this moment in time.

Hashtag: #currentview

#9: Four Year Anniversary 

Likes: 57

Location: Cabrillo National Monument | San Diego, California

IRL Backstory: This trail is perhaps one of the most underrated in all of San Diego. It was a hot day, but tolerable enough to trek the 2 miles and take in the city views.

Hashtag: #goldenstateofmind

#8: Torrey Pines 

Likes: 57

Location: Torrey Pines State Reserve | La Jolla, California

IRL Backstory: Shortly after taking this photo, my friend and I hiked down to the beach, where we instantly came face to face with high tide. Stupidly, we decided to forge ahead, darting across the waves, running giddily across the incoming tides. At one point, a wave came in and almost knocked me over, coming all the way up to my shoulders. We immediately realized this was a terrible idea, turned back around to re-trace our steps, and walked the rest of the hike, sopping wet from head to toe. Fortunately, our phones survived!

Hashtag: #13000steps

#7: The Coffee Shop 

Likes: 60

Location: Better Buzz Coffee | Encinitas, California

IRL Backstory: Everything about this late Monday evening made me feel so boss, sitting perched along an open-air tabletop at the newest, hottest coffee shop in town. I spent the next hour and a half co-working, sipped on sparkling lemonade, and people-watching. 

Hashtag: #makeithappen

#6: Fort Point 

Likes: 60

Location: Fort Point | San Francisco, California

IRL Backstory: Exploring new places fuels my sense of adventure. Although I've been to San Francisco more times than I can count, this was my first time visiting historical Fort Point. These walls once served to protect the Bay Area from war ships. Now it stands as a free museum, and the tippity top has such a perfect view of the famed Golden Gate. 

Hashtag: #jetsetter

#5: La Jolla Cove 

Likes: 60

Location: La Jolla Cove | La Jolla, California

IRL Backstory: My fiance and I sat along the cliffs, soaking in the view on this March day before we went to an indoor cycling class. Sometimes just sitting still and "being" is so worth the extra few minutes. La Jolla, and this view, are so iconic. I love the rich contrast of jagged coastline and the shadows cast against the rocks.

Hashtag: #feelslikesummer

#4: Naples Island 

Likes: 64

Location: Naples Island | Long Beach, California

IRL Backstory: Two of my girlfriends and I spent the afternoon riding bikes all over Long Beach, and I couldn't be happier that we decided to make the trek over to Naples Island. It was easy to fall in love with this quaint (and quite beautiful) area, dotted with multi-million dollar homes.

Hashtag: #housegoals

#3: The Selfie 

Likes: 71

Location: My Home | San Diego, California

IRL Backstory: There's never that much to say about a selfie, is there?

Hashtag: #selfiestatus

#2: The Watercolor Sunset 

Likes: 73

Location: Mission Beach | San Diego, California

IRL Backstory: Bar none, this is one of the most beautiful, spine-tingling sunsets I have ever witnessed in my life. It was a warm September night, and in between seeing multiple pods of dolphins in the distance, my friends and I stood in awe as we watched the sun take it's sweet time to go down, displaying some of the prettiest pastel colors across the water.

Hashtag: #cantbelieveilivehere

#1: Engagement Announcement 

Likes: 88

Location: Herringbone | La Jolla, California

IRL Backstory: After years of dating, my boyfriend (now husband!) proposed on the beach just minutes before a slew of stormy weather hit the coastline. Later that night, bottle of champagne in hand, we celebrated, we toasted, we ate copious amounts of good food. It was the best day of my life, to date! This post drew the most likes of ANY photo, and for good reason!

Hashtag: #oncloud9
So there you have it! Don't forget to check our your own stats on Iconosquare.

If there's any final thoughts I want to share, it's this:

Is your feed built up of accounts you genuinely love and source inspiration from?

Of course I follow my family and my close friends. I also follow other bloggers, brands I like, San Diego locals, the token celebrity or two (I follow Kristin Cavallari, don't judge!), and lifestyle sites, including The Everygirl and Levo League.

Every quarter or so, go through your list and remove accounts that aren't as active, or don't pique your interest as much anymore.

Each and every day, I find something to be inspired by in my feed, whether it's a smoothie recipe, a gorgeous photo from @emitoms of the Pacific Northwest, or an inspiring quote from @zengirlmandy.

Follow what moves you!

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