Bucket List: My First Facial at Mint Skin

Sometimes, you just have to suck it up and make an investment in yourself.

There are so many things I've never done before: flying first class, bungee jumping, and attending a masquerade ball, to name a few. Up until recently, I could also add 'having a facial' to that list!

Some things we don't do because we have no desire to do them. (I'll take a rain check on bungee jumping, thanks!)

Other things we do, but we don't do them often enough.

I admit I rarely, if ever pamper myself. And I should do it way more. (We all should!)

Believe me, there's nothing better than a scalp message and sipping on a glass of wine while getting my nails buffed and polished.

I relish in it. It feels like an extension of "me" time.

I can let any stress, worries, and thoughts drift away and allow my mind to wander only to whatever happens to be within the depths of People Magazine or US Weekly. And I usually only feel the slightest tinge of guilt as I'm signing the receipt after all is said and done.

Blowouts, a new shade of lipstick, a fresh manicure, sunkissed highlights...

For whatever reason, these confidence-boosting acts of self-care are things I never quite prioritized. They aren't a line item in my budget, nor are they something I pre-schedule every so many months (or weeks).

Haircuts are a 3x a year thing (on average). A pedicure is a total splurge that I indulge in maybe semi-annually. Not surprisingly, facials were never a priority either. They always seemed like a fluffy, impractical luxury - something I'd splurge on when I had heaps of extra income in the bank.

Over the years, I had resounded myself to a DIY approach for everything. What was the point of having someone else paint my nails for me in 'Sunday Funday' if I could do it myself? It might not look as great, but it could save me a few dollars, right?

Why not layer on my charcoal activated face mask at home in lieu of the more expensive spa alternative?

But one night while I was browsing Groupon, I found a delightfully priced deal that I just couldn't say no to. $25 for TWO mini facials at Mint Skin. Sold. Right there and then.

The crazy researcher in me trolled Google the night before my appointment for all things facials. What to expect, would it hurt? would my face be red afterwards?

When I walked into the cozy treatment room, my mind was immediately put at ease. All of my favorite indie tunes were quietly blaring, and Diana assured me that she wouldn't do any extractions, as this was a mini-facial.

Word to the wise: if you desire a relaxing experience without being poked and prodded, axe the extractions.

For the next 30 minutes I shut my eyes and laid there in total bliss. Hot steam misted onto my cheeks as layer after layer of face masks, moisturizer, microfoliant, and other products were massaged onto my face and neck.

The finale was a thick replenishing masque that stayed on for 10 minutes.

I immediately got up to touch my cheeks afterwards and I nearly cried in shock - they were soft as butter! Never in a million years had my face ever felt that soft to the touch.

For regular maintenance, Diana recommended that I pick up Dermalogica's 'Meet Dermalogica' kit for $30. All of these products cooperated so well on my naturally dry, slightly sensitive skin. No irritation whatsoever. And no icky artificial fragrances, colors, or mineral oils either.

Walking home with the softest skin in the world, it really got me thinking about the act of investing in ourselves. Investing in our businesses. Investing in our passions and hobbies. If the ultimate 'end' effect from it is positive, the financial component is so worth it.

I'm not going to gallivant to the salon every week for a European facial, but the experience sure caused me to reconsider my formerly few and far between beauty routines.
Let's Chat: How often do you invest in self-care, and how important is it to you? 
Have you ever indulged in a facial before?
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