5 Ways To Uplevel Your Home Office

Is your work space fueling you? Does it spark motivation? Do you just want to leap out of bed and sit at your desk and create stuff, minutes after waking up?

Environment is everything, especially when you live in a 600 square foot apartment!

After listening to a Being Boss podcast episode featuring fitness thought leader Chalene Johnson, I was prompted to try this eye-opening exercise, in which you score several areas of your life from 1-10 in terms of contentment. Physical health, spirituality, growth, and love, to name a few. 

After running down the list and being a tough-as-nails critic (as in, nothing got a 10 or even a 9), there it was. Environment got a solid 5. How depressing.

Of course, I knew exactly why it deserved a 5. But seeing it there on paper was a 'tell it like it is' reminder.

How would you rate your environment from 1-10?

I could shamefully point to the pile of clothes that had been sitting in a heap for months, untouched. Or the broken Hewlett-Packard printer taking up square footage in a corner. The expired clipped coupons I was keeping in a file folder for no reason at all. The dust that was quickly accumulating within a tangle of cords and USB cables.

My home office could be easily likened to... well, let's just say from afar, it looked charming, but up close, you could see it needed a little love.

If your workspace is currently even just a little bit cluttered, you better believe it's affecting your inspiration, productivity, and drive.

These are five of my favorite go-to tips to boost that environment rating and find more happiness in your work day.
Assess your equipment and even the little nonsensical things, like your desk accessories. Is there anything that you've had forever that could use a little upgrade? 

My Coach mouse pad was over seven years old. There was nothing wrong with it other than some wear and tear, but after that many years of usage, you can imagine it had certainly seen better days! A quick hunt on Etsy quickly led me to this adorable shop. Her mouse pads are thick, great quality, and feature the most delightful patterns.

As humans, I think we all have a tendency to hold onto things. It takes me probably three rounds of spring cleaning to finally part with that one sweater I always say I'm 'going to wear.' 

Or I tell myself, 'oh, one day I'll get around to fixing that.'

My broken printer was an easy 'trash it' decision (and I can't even tell you how relieved I felt after throwing it away), however, it begs the question, why did I hold onto it for so long? 

Can you relate?

It's time to snap out of that mindset and have a field day with your trash bag! Get rid of notes you don't need, pens that are running dry, and swag from conferences that you know you're never going to use.

Everything on your desk should be working and usable.
Your workspace should be a happy place; a zone that continually motivates you to work, plan, create, and dream. [Tweet This!]

My walls and desk are surrounded by constant reminders:

The 'Golden State of Mind' canvas art hanging above my monitor, the various framed photos of family and friends, and even a little note card I bought at Trader Joe's that says, "My Favorite Thing Is To Go Where I've Never Been."

What messages will fuel your motivation when you find yourself stuck in a rut?

One of my favorite desk accouterments is a white brocade file holder from The Container Store. 

While I have a larger plastic file bin for papers I don't frequently access, I keep all of my 'of the minute' files right where I can see them.

Some of the folders I keep in my desktop file include: Gift Certificates, Travel, Inspiration, and Blog.

In the midst of my cleaning frenzy, it was immediately obvious how long it had been since I had last gone through said files.

I still had folders front and center in my file with paperwork from jobs I hadn't worked in over two years (!)

Anything that's of frequent and immediate importance? Keep it in sight. And make it a point to review and go through your files quarterly.
Clear out your inbox, unsubscribe from newsletters you never read, organize your desktop icons, keep back-ups of all of your important files, and make sure your computer is healthy and up-to-date.

This step may continually feel like an on-going, major work-in-process, but once it's done, it will feel unbelievably amazing.

Make it a point to check in on all of these areas quarterly.

Immediately, I felt lighter, happier, and more inspired to get things done.

Here are some of the tools and equipment I love that keep my home office neat, organized, and inspiring!

AOC 27" LED Monitor (my newest addition and I'm in LOVE!)
Samsung 23" LCD Monitor (similar)

I can't even gush enough about how much of a difference it made spending two hours refining my desk and work area. Between scrubbing, dusting, downsizing, and up-leveling, I felt the fruits of my labor nearly immediately. And I even find myself spending more time at my desk as a result!

Let's Chat: What is the current state of your home office? Do you have any favorite office supplies? (Or maybe something that's on your wishlist?)

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