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Hi! I am Alison and I'm head over heels for blogging, creativity, online marketing, passion projects, and cultivating community. I value freedom, quality content, adventure, and not always playing by the rules.

I've done it all, from working 9-5's to working for myself. I've been the successful local lifestyle blogger scoring coveted press invitations and partnerships with name brands, to being my own girl boss and up to my eyeballs in self-employment taxes. I formed a business on eBay when I was 16, and pioneered a local blogging community in 2011 to over 600 members strong. My moving/relocation collective, City Leaper, was launched in 2015.

I'm here to share my exciting (and sometimes challenging!) entrepreneurial journey, with action-packed tips and strategies along the way, and a dash of fun and vulnerability on top.

So happy to have you here, and I look forward to getting to know you! Let's schedule a virtual brunch date and be friends.

Interested in working together? We can rock your event, or craft an insane social media strategy.

1) I moved to California from New Hampshire 3 times in a span of 6 years!
2) My current curiosities include co-working, long-term travel, and productivity
3) My husband and I dated for 14 years before recently celebrating a colorful, eclectic elopement!
4) I adopted two jack russell/chihuahua mixes from a local dog rescue
5) I'm shamelessly addicted to The Real Housewives of OC (and Beverly Hills)
6) I don't drink coffee or tea (or anything caffeinated)
7) Twitter and Instagram are my favorite social media platforms, but I have a soft spot for Facebook groups
8) When I was little, I wanted to become an author (I suppose blogging isn't a far cry from that!)
9) If I could, I would outsource cooking and cleaning
10) The closest to paradise I've ever been is Jost Van Dyke in the British Virgin Islands
11) I recently took a semester of paddleboarding offered by a local college
12) My favorite forms of self-care are yoga, a trip to the spa, and being on the water

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